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Express Yourself with your clothes.

It all began with one t-shirt, I AM Human, back in 2017.  I was selling the t-shirt on Amazon under the brand name Tees for Humans.  In 2020,  I saw a spike in sales and decided to start making more designs using I AM ____ .  While searching for a new brand name; I saw iamfyi.com for sale, so I bought it.  I AM fyi officially launched in October of 2020.

I am PJ. I am Shy. I am Nerdy. I am Creative. I am Smart. I am Human.

Growing up socially awkward, I never had a voice. Presuming a quiet person has nothing to say is like saying a person without a car has nowhere to go. “I AM” is that quiet person but with plenty to say!! “I AM” is my strong-minded vision of what everyone wants to say, in a world of confusion, silence, and too much noise. I finally have a voice without even speaking, and so can you. “I AM fyi” is fun, fresh, inventive, and conversation-starting during this crazy time. I hope you have as much fun wearing my shirts as I have had to design them.

Thank you

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